Nourishing Mind, Body and Spirit


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  Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

                 "Eat the change you wish to be"


The Reason diets don't work and the results don't last is because they only focus on one thing; the food you eat.

In order for weight release and overall health to remain  sustainable, other aspects of your lifestyle and being need to be considered.

Your mind and the attitude it projects to your inner self (Spirit) will absolutely make or break your continued success in healthy living; PERIOD.

Let me show you how to make small, manageable changes that gradually create better habits, leading to a healthier you.

Health and nutrition need not be arduous or painful.

Understanding the connection between our mind, body and spirit can equate to weight release and this can mean freedom from dis-ease by promoting overall, COMPLETE health. 

  • Personalized nutritional coaching. (Encompassing a whole approach including mindset and teaching you to listen to your inner voice/spirit.)

  • Instructional classes and social support group meetings (see Classes/Workshops for upcoming events.)

  • Menu planning with your unique needs (both mental and physical) in mind.

  • Instruction in the preparation of cooked and raw food meals.

  • Specialized assistance in weight management.  Learn the "new generation" approach to segue into better health choices, lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, have more energy, support your immune system and sleep better. 

Personal Support and Personal Connection are important for an effective program to be developed just for you.

  Contact me to see what options we can put in place for you and             start you on the transformation path you've been seeking